My Untamed Passion for MILF Movies

A person might think that since I’m nearly thirty years old, I would have my act together and be making great strides in life, but, the truth of the matter is, I truly believe I’m a male nymphomaniac, and not just a “normal” one. But a sex addict with a big cock that has to have a certain type of fornication, or it just doesn’t do it for me, not only will I not have an orgasm. But, I won’t even become totally hard.

I need a few wrinkles, some strands of gray hair at the temple, hands that aren’t as soft as they use to be, mostly because they’ve scrubbed floors, done laundry, and raised kids, showing they’ve been a valuable staple to a family unit, they’ve done for everyone else and never really taken time for themselves. They need to be pampered and doted upon, to have someone treat them like the queen they are, and that goes for the actions of the bedroom as well.

When I was in college, I found myself studying all the time, keeping my grades up to retain my scholarship, which left me barely any freedom for a private life. I would take a break from hitting the books and log onto the computer, scanning the niches of what would scratch the itch I was feeling at that moment, leading to a session of masturbation before resuming my duties. One evening, I came across, MILF porn movies. I knew what that meant, a Mom I’d like to fuck, and even though I hadn’t really thought about it before, I decided to take a look and see what all of the horny hype was about.

It didn’t take me long before I understood the passion, desire and kinkiness of having a mature woman in bed with me. Their bodies were a bit worn, seasoned, and showing the signs of age, and yet they were unleashing a fury of hardcore satisfaction that I’d never experienced with a woman my own age or a few years younger before.

I began looking at female gender differently. When I thought about the many hot babes I’d dated in the past, I recalled all of the drama, and the headaches of trying to keep up with their mood swings, and tapping into a hot piece of ass almost wasn’t worth dealing with those issues as well. That may have been why, with having to put so much attention into my school work, it didn’t really break my heart when I thought of what I was sacrificing, until now.

Suddenly I realized my opportunity was right in front of me and I didn’t even think about it. I’d hired a middle aged tutor, to help me with a topic I was having problems grasping the full effect of, and she had raised two kids of her own, both of them now in college as well, and she had a birthday approaching, she would be turning fifty and I thought of how she had nearly thirty years on my age, and she was indeed a stunning woman. I always enjoy smelling her perfume when she leans over my shoulder to point out something in my book that’s of importance, a musky scent that now wafts through my memory and makes me see her as a wild animal.

I picked up my cell phone that evening and called her, hoping she wouldn’t be busy and to say I needed a few minutes of her time. Grabbing a quick shower and then my books, I left for her house, suddenly nervous, excited and even semi hard at the thought of how I was suddenly appreciating her for the hot, mature MILF babe that she is. She opened the door, and there stood the cougar of my dreams. A V-necked pullover displayed a bit of her cleavage, and her jeans hung tightly to her rounded hips. She was all business, as usual, but, when I caught the scent of her perfume, I became a bit more bold and adventurous. She brought a cold drink in to me as I spread my books and papers onto her dining room table. When she turned to face me, I kissed her hard, with a full tongue and held onto her tightly, almost afraid she would see me as some horny college student, push me away and maybe slap my face. But, she didn’t.

Instead, she returned my kiss and the next three hours were spent in the most passionate hardcore XXX sex I had ever experienced before, and since. Tuning into the milf movies showed me what I was missing. She fulfilled it for me, and every since then, my lust goes for the older woman with the hairy pussy, they’ve got everything I want and more, it’s my job to keep up with them!

Wet Hairy Pussies: A Pussy To Cum With

Things were finally getting back to a normal routine with life. The heavy winter storms had been postponed and cancelled much, but now it was work as usual and putting in a full day felt good. So, I decided to watch hairy wet pussy online today.

Throughout the day I thought of what I wanted to do when I got home later and my decision was nearly made up to watch recordings I’d saved of the Winter Olympics, but, minds are easily changed.

After a hot, relaxing shower, I slipped into a pair of Hane’s boxer briefs; knowing I was in for the evening meant it was time to relax. A quick dinner, doing a handful of dishes, and I found myself wandering into the living room and picking up the laptop instead of the TV remote. After lathering my hands and sliding the soapiness over my big cock, and feeling the tingle that said an orgasm would be nice, I decided to log into, these Pornnit wet hairy pussies; from there, I can find a place to get away from it all and plenty of hot babes to spend the voyage with.

My eyes scanned slowly over the many headings, and then, with an almost glowing aura around it, I found what was going to make me horny and happy, and that was, a hot MILF blonde with a hairy cunt. There’s something nice about the smoothness of a vaginal mound, shaved cleaned and so soft against my tongue when I’m giving a girl oral sex, but, I have to admit, I crave a thick bush of pubic hair, a flawless pussy, the kind I can rub my face against and feeling tickling my lips as I dive into the mass of follicles to lick her big clitoris.

As the video began to play, I could see from her blue eyes there was a fire behind them; she was just as aroused as myself and my fantasy had me right there next to her. Watching from just inches away as she reached for her pile of sex toys, deciding on a long, thick, vibrator, she turned it on the low setting at first, rubbing her fully erect nipples first, and then down her flat tummy until she began to massage her outer labia, using the vibrator and also doing the pussy finger fucking that drove me wild. By now I’d already slipped off my boxer briefs and slid down a bit further into my recliner, with my erection so close to the screen; I wondered if this beautiful, hot babe could feel the heat coming off of it.

As she placed the vibrator directly onto her clit, I could see the muscles in her stomach tighten; I could tell what she was feeling was indeed reality, and I was more than anxious to participate in the mutual masturbation session with her. As my dream played out that had her in front of me, offering a POV blowjob, her eyes were wide with excitement while she swallowed the inches of my shaft, licking my testicles and squeezing my hips as she used them for leverage while her mouth worked up and down my hard-on.

My hips rose and fell in my chair as I drove my dick in for deepthroat pleasure; she was so close and her sexual moaning was echoing through my ears. I looked closer at the monitor and could see her hot body writhing on the white, cotton sheets of her bed, while the vibrator continued to drive her wild, buried and framed around her, hairy, wet vaginal area. I wanted it to be my mouth, my tongue, licking and lapping her female juices while she masturbated for me to watch, like the horny voyeur that I am.

She began to scream, animalistic, passionate type screams and I could feel my cock was now as hard as steel, with my palm sliding with a fury up and down the thickened, pulsating inches of my shaft. One loud, from deeply within the lungs shout and she starts to squirt her orgasm towards the camera, saturating her unshaved vagina even more than it was. That was all it took for me to feel my own load of semen carrying from my testicles, up the rod, and then oozing over my fingers. The thick, white, salty semen spilled and shot free from my masturbation session. Later, I will upload my collection of hairy wet pussies online at xxx porn tube!

The Intimidation of Large Penis Movies

Large Penis Movies site

From my college years I love to watch large penis movies online. Growing up in a home where the female was the one in charge left a lasting impression on me throughout my most informative years while growing up and beyond. Throughout high school, I found myself a bit more on the timid side of most of my friends, they were all of the jock type, where they just had to click their fingers and the cheerleaders would come running, just hoping they would be the one chosen for a date after the next football game. That’s where the heavy breathing would be heard coming from behind the bleachers as hands groped across bras and tried reaching into moist panties. Sometimes they achieved their gooey goal, sometimes they didn’t. I was always too shy to approach a teen girl with huge tits for a XXX porn date, not even stopping for a soda after school would happen because I couldn’t muster the courage to request their company.

I suppose in some way, my testosterone levels were a bit on the lower scale, and, I just wasn’t as macho as I wanted to be. Even in the locker room, while we walked naked to and from the showers, I didn’t have as much pubic hair as the rest of the guys, nor was I as well endowed as they were. I was average, but, I always strived for more.

It was no wonder when I reached college and finally began seeing lesbian girls on a more personal level, I was drawn to those that had a strong mind of their own and they weren’t afraid to speak it. If they barked an order at me, I happily obeyed, I felt as if I were back home, where I knew what to expect and was more than happy to comply.

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Two years after college graduation, I married the woman of my dreams. She presented herself as such a sweetheart to the rest of the world, but when we were alone, she thrived on humiliating me as much as she could, especially in the sexual sense, which, I have to admit, at times was a complete arousing agent for me. On nights when she decided sex would be on the menu, she wanted serviced. In her most dominant voice, she’d order me to crawl around behind her, to be her submissive sex slave, and when she needed satisfied, I was to do so in an oral sex manner. She enjoyed degrading me for her personal pleasure.

One of her favorite things to do, was to log onto, big dick movies, having it feed through our big screen HD quality television, which of course made the penises look even more huge than they were, she would use this as arousing ammunition against me. With her finger pointing to my own manhood, she would laugh loudly, ridiculing me on my small size, the way my testicles were tucked further back than most, teasing and humiliating me verbally until I couldn’t help but to feel an erection coming on, wanting to continue servicing her in any way she deemed fit.

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While the free big black dick videos played she would tell me how that was what manly meat should look like, they were to be powerful prick, throbbing erections, with length and thickness to satisfy a woman such as herself, wanting and succeeding in intimidating me. After she felt the accomplishment of her actions, that’s when she would open her thighs and have my face nestle against her already moist vaginal area, licking her swollen clitoris until she reached an orgasm, and then I would be dismissed, as if I was some type of hiring help, not her husband. I knew I would never be exactly what she wanted in some ways, but in other’s I was the perfect spouse, she wanted a submissive partner, allowing her to be the femdom she would strive to be. I would retreat to the bathroom, at which time I’d jack off until I came as well, all the while feeling satisfied in knowing my wife is a powerful MILF woman.

Getting To Understand More About XXX Porn

Free Porn Videos Online

Whether we might agree or not, there is hardly any doubt that pornography is a big cock seller. There are millions of people who are hooked on pornography all around the world and the number of them just keeps growing rapidly. Though there could be many who might be against pornography, these protests seem to have no bearing as the number just keeps on increasing by leaps and bounds. It has been found that xxx porn in particular is galloping at a rapid pace and therefore, it would not be a bad idea to have a closer look at the history and growth of pornography. It will help us to understand in particular how the pre-phrase XXX got added to pornography.

Before it would be pertinent to understand what pornography is all about. Put in plain and simple words, when we talk about pornography, we are referring to the portrayal of sexual subject matter with the main purpose of arousing sexual interest in people. It could be in various forms, including books, pictures, photographs, and literature. In today’s modern world, with technological advances, it is common to come across various forms of pornography in the digital media. All that it takes is a click of the mouse on the internet and one could end up with scores of porn movies catering to different tastes and requirements.

History And How It Has Grown

Though there is no exact mention of the date or time during which pornography came into being, it has been found that it may not have existed till the Victorian Era in the official terms of pornography. However, there are some inscriptions and other such ancient artwork which goes to prove that modern day xxx video might have existed in various forms. There are many artifact items which prove that sex and pornography, though a hidden subject, was something which interested people. There are works of art made from clay, stone, and various metals where pornography and sexual positions are illustrated graphically. Hence, this could be the precursor to what we refer to as XXX porno, and also perhaps by various other names. However, it was not until 1902 that pornography started becoming something which was watched by the public in various forms.

Modern Day Pornography

Some x-rated content from PornTube

Though the early 1960s and 1970s did have pornography, it was basically watched in the form of xxx videos. It was watched in the privacy of homes, and in many countries it was, and even today it continues to be prohibited and there are heavy fines and punishments involved. However, the birth of computers, the internet and mobile telephony has given a new meaning and definition to XXX porn. It would also be interesting to know something about xxx. How did the three letters XXX get added before porn? The answer is simple. When it talks about xxx movies or pictures or graphical illustration, we talk about pictures and movies which are very graphic in nature and where the entire act of copulation, foreplay, intercourse, oral sex, anal, sex, fellatio, blowjob and other such details are shown very clearly. It would be wrong to consider simple and single x-rated movies in this category because they are much more conservative and limited when it comes to showing and expressing sexual acts.

It Is A Great Money Spinner

Irrespective of the fact that millions of men have the wrong take on the subject matter of pornography, it continues to be a big money spinner. When we talk about X-rated porn, we are actually referring to an industry which is worth many billion dollars. There are thousands of male and female porn stars who make big money out of their acting where they bare their bodies and indulge in almost all types of porn activity. It would also be pertinent to mention that there are scores of extremely successful sex xxx companies which have over the years been able to amass wealth just because sex sells and sells rapidly.

The Various Aspects Of Pornography

When we talk about XXX porn, we are perhaps referring to the ultimate in pornography, where, as mentioned earlier, everything is depicted graphically and there is nothing left to the imagination. The new technological revolution also has given a new dimension and perspective to pornography, and today there are different types of pornographic movies which are watched. It would depend on individual tastes, likes and preferences. While there are many who would like to watch mature adult porn, there are others who are attracted to young and old sex. There could be thousands of lesbians who would be keen on watching lesbian sex where there is a lot of oral sex, threesome sex and other such types of sex games involved in such movies and also in pictures and literature. However, it would not be out of place to mention here that the business of literature, magazines and other such still forms of pornography is on the wane. This is because today it is possible to watch xxx free just by having a mobile phone, desktop computer or laptop computer or other forms of devices such as tablets, iPods, etc.

The Growing World Of Hardcore Erotica

It would be pertinent to mention here that there is a growing demand for hardcore pornography when compared to tastes and likes which existed a few decades back. There is an abundant depiction of masochism, incest, and other such forms of extreme sexual fantasies which are available in the form of porn video, and it would be easy to come across dozens of such websites just by browsing on the internet. There are some sex video xxx sites on the internet which are fully devoted to such hardcore sex.

Erotic Videos

Free Tube XXX

It would not be a difficult job to enjoy and watch the best of XXX porn today, with the internet being what it is. You can easily come across some of the most dazzling, hot, sensuous and erotic xxx movies by looking sites like,,,, and dozens of other sites. The best thing is that they offer the best of xxx sex movies for free and the end users need not spend a single dollar watching these movies. However, if you wish to have a big collection of the most fascinating xxx sex movies cutting across various languages, regions of the world and catering to various ages and preferences, then you may have to pay some money to these service providers.

Legal Issues

When watching these highly erotic and sensuous erotic movies, do we need to bother too much about the legal issues pertaining to it? This is a common question which comes to our mind, and the answer is no.

Today, technology has gone so much beyond the ordinary that it would be possible for each one of us to watch the best of XXX porn sitting in the comfort of our home or even while at work. It would be virtually impossible to track down and take to task those who are watching it in private. However, if there is a gathering of people who are watching xxx video tube and other such movies, they could be in trouble, especially in some highly western Asian countries and also other countries like Afghanistan and other such places. Here one has to be careful about the way in which we watch xxx movies because they are strictly prohibited. However, as long as you watch it alone, or perhaps with your partner without others coming to know about it, it will not be much of a problem.


If you are a connoisseur of pornography and would like to watch as many varieties and choices as possible, you need to have a reasonably clear idea about the various places where you would watch flicks, clips or even full movies. You could use porn films emanating from Webcams if you wish to watch something happen in real life. The internet without any doubt is filled with thousands of porn sites which feature some of the best XXX porn collections using webcams. Hence, you should not face much of a problem when it comes to choosing the best porn site which caters to your specific needs and requirements.

However, you may have to spend some time choosing your specific niche area because some porn sites are known to cater to a specific category or niche. For example, there are some sites which share some of the most passionate porn movies which are usually available in the form of stories. On the other hand, you also can easily come across thousands of sites which have porn movies depicting teacher-student hardcore porn, porn between bar maids and customers, girls with hairy pussies, and perhaps even some of the sleaziest collections of baby sitters who enjoy with their masters. There are also collections of bosses and subordinates. Such collections talk about special favors being offered for keeping jobs. The same is the case with some great X-rated collections which talk about male and female music teachers luring their students or students luring the teacher.

Sex Games

Watch Free X Video

When choosing these online sites or even buying full length porn videos, there are a few things you must keep in mind. You must be aware about the quality of the movie which you are watching. It would always be advisable to watch the movie on high quality DVDs. While watching these free porn videos online you must have the best of clarity without which you will not enjoy the movies. You must be ready to pay for quality and just by spending a few dollars it would be possible for you to have a look at some of the best known porn faces on the earth. You could also watch some of the most amazing sex games including the poses which are often found in old sexual manuscripts like Kamasutra. You could also come across some of the finest collections of LGBT sex, sex involving MILF babes (which actually stands for “Mother I’d Like to Fuck”). Hence, sex games, add a lot of variety to pornography and make it very exciting.

Hence, if you are somebody who would like to watch a new porn movie each day, you must be ready to pay for it. Just by parting with a few dollars per day, it is possible for you to come across hundreds of websites which have some of the most amazing collections of porn movies which could make you longing for more. You could also have your partner watching these movies with you and it certainly will be a fantastic way by which you both can also get to know each other better. You could also try out some of the poses in which these porn actresses and actors make love and you will be amazed that you also could easily perform an act or two which on the surface might seem impossible to replicate.

Full Length Stories

If you are somebody who does want a sex act to start from scene one, you could choose some great sites which are famous for story-based porn acts. When you choose such sites apart from having a story line attached to it, you will also be able to come across the right hardcore pornography sites You could watch some of the most sensuous acts like face sitting, 69 position, and fellatio. Face sitting is hugely popular among lesbians and the 69 position is something that is hugely popular and is considered as one of the best ways to master and practice sexual foreplay. Fellatio and blow jobs are also extremely popular among those who would like to see, master and use oral sex. Hence, at the end of the day there is hardly any doubt that watching these x-rated pornographic films, apart from increasing the desire for sex, also enhances sexual knowledge. It is a great way for young men and women to practice and make love the way in which it is depicted in some of the most ancient sex literatures and other such sources of information.


While there might be many who may talk about the morality, ethics and other such matters related to the darker site of pornography, there is no doubt that it is here to stay. As long as men and women have sexual hormones working overtime, there is bound to be a craze for these various XXX porn sites. At the end of it all there is no denying the fact that sex is something that is basic to human needs like food, clothing and shelter. These porn movies make sex more attractive and interesting and add spice to it at all points of time.

PS: Soon we will add here an erotic game named Bowman. Description: You’re a nude archer; you need to kill the other naked guy before he kills.

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